Friday, July 3, 2009

John McCain supports Cap and Tax

Ron Paul once said that John McCain knows nothing about economics. Without fail, Senator McCain proves to us that this is all too true. Somehow I did not see this video, but in February 2008 McCain said that cap and trade would stimulate green jobs. At what expense? My own Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hosted cap and trade forums last spring where it was made clear that cap and trade was simply just a tax. It is simply amazing that we could have nominated such a neo-con to represent the GOP! As if Bush was not enough, we had a candidate who endorses a huge tax and regulatory increase in the guise of helping fight global warming. What a joke!

I can’t help but agree with Peter Schiff. He said that unfortunately Obama was the lesser of the two evils between the two Presidential candidates. His reason? McCain would be viewed as a “free market” president. We all know he is FAR from a free market and limited government representative. Since he would have likely continued the Bush interventionist economic policies which will ultimately fail, the free market would take an undeserved but somewhat lethal hit from four years under McCain. After that forget it, the Democrats would have taken power for the next two decades.

Besides his pro-life stance, what did people see in this guy? I would love to see a more intensified primary challenge. His vote for the bailout should be career-ending.

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